Founded in 1996 by François Mauss, the European Grand Jury is an independent body that compares and assesses high quality wines at tastings according to a rigorous methodology.

With a view to classifying the wines in an objective and rational manner, and on a collective basis, the tastings are conducted blind by a panel of European tasters, under independent supervision. The comparisons, carried out according to strict rules, apply to bottles purchased on the market. An objective statistical analysis enables an objective ranking.

So far, more than 7,000 bottles from a wide range of sources have been tasted and ranked.

Furthermore, enthusiasts are given an opportunity to access these fine wines at gala and VIP dinners.

In 2015, as it approaches its 20th anniversary, the European Grand Jury, also known as the GJE (Grand Jury Européen) has become the GJV – the Grand Jury de Vin – thereby offering international recognition and legitimacy.

With its new partners, the Grand Jury du Vin is the largest entity to provide completely impartial tasting.

“The sum of subjective views is the basis of an objective view”