The Grand Jury du Vin is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Principle No. 1: A qualified panel of tasters
    For each tasting, a jury is made up of designated tasters who guarantee:

    • a consistent approach to the tasting,
    • a union of the major factors influencing tasting (national, professional etc.).
    • the stability of the results.
  • Principle No. 2: A strict tasting protocol
    Every tasting follows specific rules, under the supervision of an external inspection body that produces a certified report.
  • Principle No. 3: Independence
    The Grand Jury du Vin makes every effort to ensure its independence, with internationally recognized external participants.
  • Principle No. 4: Transparency
    The Grand Jury du Vin publishes a press release clearly presenting the results following each tasting session.

These results are also the subject of a presentation and in-depth analysis on the Grand Jury du Vin’s website.